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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an vital piece of car maintenance that can ensure a car is at its best with its handling, fuel consumption and ride comfort. Our wheel alignment service ensures we can put your wheels back to the precise position as your manufactured intended.

Why does your car need a wheel alignment service?

The car wheel's can go out of alignment over time from everyday use, however potholes and damaged roads can increased the effects of wheels not being aligned.

Why does your car need a wheel alignment service?

  • »Pulling to one side whilst driving
    A common problem with wheels not being aligned is that your car pulls to one side whilst driving, even when the steering wheel is straight.

  • »Uneven tyre wearing
    A car tyre should wear evenly over time if the wheel alignment is correct. However, if this is not the case the tyre can wear more in certain areas, this is more commonly on the tyre's edge.

Book a wheel alignment with us online and we can ensure your car is at its best.

Our wheel alignment prices differs based on how may wheels need aligning. On some cars the back wheels are fixed and cannot be aligned.

We charge £30.00 + (VAT) for front wheels or £40.00 + (VAT) if the front and back wheels need adjusting.

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